Each October, for Subaru Loves Pets Month, Subaru retailers partner with hundreds of local animal shelters and donate $100 for every pet adopted throughout the month.

Thank you, Mid-Hudson Subaru, for bringing attention to these great dogs who need a second chance at love and happiness. Thank you for your sponsorship which allows small shelters like Animal Rescue Foundation to give these babies a place to heal until they are well enough to go home.

This year’s Underdog, Mimi, is a 5-month-old Chihuahua mix puppy lost her rear left leg due to a horrible case of abuse. Despite what this little girl endured, she is still the sweetest, most loving pup. She loves everyone and gives the best kisses. Mimi jumps up on the couch or bed for a nice cozy spot, goes up and down the stairs like the wind and. boy, can she run! Mimi truly embodies the spirit of the Underdog. She keeps going, no matter what, and she does it with a loving, wonderful spirit.

Mimi’s forever family loves her so much. Mimi is safe now.

But Mimi was not the only pet who benefited this year from Mid Hudson Subaru’s generosity, we’re happy to report that cats Rosie, sisters Mila and Selina, brothers Hudson and Sloop, and sisters Miriam and Two Spot Sam were all adopted during this time. Plus puppy siblings Maxie, Monkey, and Mr. Cuddles each found a home.

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Animal Rescue Foundation, also commonly known as ARF, is a Federal 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill, 100% volunteer animal rescue located in Beacon, NY. Since 1986, we’ve rescued, rehabilitated, sheltered, and found loving homes for thousands of cats and dogs.

Support ARF’s mission to rescue more dogs and cats in need.