Oreo needs your help!


Hi! My name is Oreo ! My back legs are not working as they should, and it will cost a
lot of money to try to find out what’s going on; the medical costs are going to be upwards of $2500.

I’ve seen a specialist who has recommended an MRI, which costs $2400 alone, and I’m going to need additional treatment as well.

I’m only 14 weeks old, I’m just a kid, and I need your help. Right now I’m confined to a crate and can’t run and play like other puppies.

Maybe you can “chip in” to help ARF get me well again? Then I can be adopted and play like I used to.

Please DONATE and help as much as you can by clicking here.

Thank you from everyone at ARF!

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  1. Carol April 12, 2014 at 10:50 PM #

    Is Oreo adopted already what kid of puppy is he and what exactly is wrong with him. Please email me carol26540@aol.com thank you carol

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