How to Adopt


Anyone interested in adopting from ARF will need to fill out an online application. ARF remains closed to visitors due to COVID 19 precautions. Meetings will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and arranged in advance.

An animal will only be shown once the application is reviewed by ARF and we have contacted the applicant. Please click the link below to fill out an adoption application.


All of our animals have had vet exams and vaccines, and all animals have been spayed/neutered.

Adoption Fees

Adoption donations help us cover just a small amount of the cost which is put into each pet, and aids us in rescuing the next animal in need.

Please note that we do not accept adoption fees online. ARF can accept only cash for payment of adoption fees.

Effective February 1, 2019, our adoption price breakdown:

Puppies to 1 year old $350
Dogs 1 to 7 years old $300
Senior & Special Needs Dogs $150
(Including harness or collar)

Kittens to I year $125
Cats 1 year and older $100
Senior Cats 8 and older & Special Needs $75

Double adoptions: 2 puppies $300 each, 2 dogs $250 each, 2 kittens $100 each, 2 cats $75 each

(cash only)


  • We do not adopt puppies to anyone with children under 4 years old.
  • All potential adopters must fill out an application and come into the shelter to meet the animal they are interested in.
  • Sorry, we will not “ship” animals nor hold an animal for anyone.
  • If you already have that same type pet(s) at home, they should come with you to meet the potential adoptee.

Adoption Hours