Dodger Needs Surgery

Dodger is a 10 month old kitten who came to us with his mother and 3 siblings.  While the rest of his family has been adopted, Dodger is still here due to health issues.  Dodger has mega esophagus, a condition that causes difficulty eating and breathing.  He has been through testing, had a surgery to remove a polyp, and has now been diagnosed with a birth defect called a vascular ring abnormality, which they believe is the cause of his health issues and mega esophagus.  In order to fix this so that he can breath and eat normally he needs surgery.  The estimate that we were given for the surgery is $5500.  Dodger is such a sweet and loving kitten that we want to do all we can to help him live a long, happy and healthy life.   Any donation that you could give to help Dodger would be greatly appreciated.
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