Developer Notes


These are some items we could use to add to the website…

  • Photos of either current animals or recently adopted for front page 800×800 px.
  • Photo(s) of ARF building
  • More testimonials from adopters ideally with a photo.


These are items to work on now that the redesign has been completed…

  • Events Page revamp – maybe a calendar or a list of recurring events?
  • Update listings
  • News page cleanup needed.
  • Staff section (private)? for dev pages and notes on how to add photos to front, testimonials, etc?  Thjs way others can edit key parts of site without breaking design.
  • Automated sponsor a pet – with photo/bios
  • Better integration with the adoption listing service? (instead of linking to a 3rd party page.)

To Do

Redesign Checklist

Items left to do since the 10/23/2020 redesign…

  • Classy Integration (with Donna)
  • Clean up old blog posts – make sure categories are correct
  • Remove unused categories
  • Test all hardcoded links and images.
  • Test all paypal buttons
  • Test all forms
  • Fix colors for the donation page call-to-action box
  • Automate backups
  • Review the quirks since WP upgrades (see section below)

Problems since last update

These are some areas that seem to not be working the same since the recent WordPress and theme updates…

  • Menu icon options not showing in menu edit
  • Menu control plugin (see dev site) not showing  in menu edit
  • Icons on contact page no longer centered properly in circle
  • Manually added call-to-action box (example on donate and volunteer pages) no longer using background from css (via default setting) so had to manually change colors.
  • Some items not centering properly in sidebar and footer.